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It is important for any business operator to know how profitable they are at any time and to maintain a low cost operation. In today's ever changing  business environment, operating a low cost model is becoming more and more important.  Moreover, small businesses are becoming increasingly wary of the hidden costs associated with accountancy services.  Many small business budgets simply cannot absorb an eye-watering bill from the accountant at the end of each financial year.  The traditional annual accounting process for small business is becoming out dated.  Most small businesses actually do not need a high profile, accounting guru to handle the straightforward Profit & Loss type accountancy that is typical of most small businesses.  Highly efficient, low cost, top quality accountancy services with a transparent, fixed price, no surprises approach.

Kiwi Accountant offers low cost Accounting Services and Solutions for Small Businesses, Sole Traders, Property Investors and Family Trusts for a very affordable fee.  We specialise in low cost high quality accounting solutions at a reasonable cost with no heart stopping invoices at the end of the year.


After many hours researching the New Zealand Accounting industry, Kiwi Accountant has come up with the Top 5  main accountancy issues facing small New Zealand Businesses.



Is Your Existing Accountant Taking You for a Ride?


Which of These 5 Frustrations Do You Have With Your Accountant?

  1. Not Knowing How Much it is Going to Cost?

  2. It Takes Forever to Get Things Done!

  3. When You call for a Quick Question, You Get Stung With a Bill!

  4. You Think Something has Been Done, then You get a Surprise Letter from the IRD!

  5. You Find it Hard to Budget for an Annual Accountancy Fee that Changes Every Year.

Starting and running a small business can be a nightmare. Let Kiwi Accountant make sure you make your way  through the potential minefield unharmed. Letting you focus on the important aspect of you business � Making a  Profit!  Discover how we can provide you with  low cost, high quality, no surprises accountancy solutions.


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